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Common Misconceptions about Wooden and Plastic Pallets

EPA has usually associated pallet timber as a sustainable product. At the end of the “life” of the wooden pallets can easily be ground into mulch, wood flooring, pellet stove, or parts for other pallets. Even nails recovered from the milling process and sold for scrap metal.

The fact is that the wooden pallets from a source that truly renewable. We obviously have to read about how the limited supply of trees everywhere in the world. If you are searching for used pallets then you can look at this webpage https://www.palletsexpress.com.au/used-pallets.html.

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Another aspect of sustainability that we do not often hear about is the fact that wood pallets are repaired and it is a profitable venture so that the industry is generally engaged in by companies who want to lose memo/costs of their waste and recycling pallets are looking for a core to recycle and put back into the market.

To end the subject of sustainability again I always go back to plastic bags that we found in our landfills person? Plastics – still exist, and resins used in plastic pallets do not decompose.

While plastic pallets can be recycled, the reality is that it is a process that requires enough energy to run the extruder to produce other products from recycled pallets and plastic pallets are also building large enough.

Unfortunately, most of the plastic pallets, such as our plastic bags, water bottles, etc. end up in our landfills.

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