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Scuba Dive Training Courses and Prerequisites

Scuba diving is an exciting sport and a wonderful way to explore our oceans. It is a fast-growing sport that can be dangerous if you have not been properly trained. Scuba dive training is available everywhere and most states require that you be certified before diving.

You may be planning a trip to an exotic location with beautiful seas where you would like to try this sport out. Call ahead and reserve a spot in a scuba dive certification course.

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The place where you are staying may even have a certified diver on staff and all the diving gear available for rent that you may need.

After a few dives, you may want to take more advanced courses that would enable you to dive in more extreme conditions. There are prerequisites for these courses. We have listed some of these prerequisites and the types of advanced scuba dive training that are available.

Prerequisites: Strong swimming skills and familiar with the technique of snorkeling.

Basic Scuba Certification: An introductory scuba dive training class that teaches you the general techniques required to dive. This is as much training as most occasional divers will get.

Open Water Diving: Open water diving is done from a boat several miles at sea. You would have to be trained in how to operate a boat and how to use the special equipment needed for this type of dive.

Rescue Scuba Dive Training: Any basic scuba diver will want to take this class. When you are diving with a buddy or several friends a situation could arise where you may need to rescue a friend and this would give you those skills.