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Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Professionals Such as Business Coaches?


There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is rising every year. Major companies are investing in large amounts on AI technology to help humans in a more efficient way. With the rise of AI technology, how has artificial intelligence have major impact on medicine and law industries and not much on business coach? These are some of the reasons that is going to be hard for artificial intelligence to replace the phase of business coach industry.

  1. Wrong Impression – Many scientists got the impression that reading the mind of a human is easy. In a way, the scientists have been successful in understanding the brain’s math, knowledge and language hemisphere. However, the problem started to show when characteristics of a human brain such as trust, emphatic and intuitive was hard to crack once the AI was introduced. This is why, professionals working in creative arts, coaching and psychotherapy industries are considered to be safe even with the introduction of AI technology.
  2. Made for the Future – Coaching profession started off without depending on internet, phones or even artificial intelligence. An individual named Thomas Leonard introduced the profession of coaching made for the future. Today, a business can run just fine when there’s a mixture of old and new generation. With the help of internet, business coaches teach to future business coaches too.
  3. Thrive Ahead – Previous business coach professionals didn’t have any idea about teaching aspiring professionals who wanted to get into business coach. However, that has changed as many business coaching classes and tutorials are available.

There are many classes that offer services related to business coaching in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.