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5 Most Important Fashion Accessories Every Woman Must Have in Their Closet

The power of accessorizing should not be underestimated. Picking out the right clothing is obviously important when choosing a style or outfit to wear, but accessories will add those little touches which really help finish and complement a look. Having the right accessories can also add variety to even the sparsest of wardrobes, and they can transform cosy casual outfits to elegant chic. Here are the 5 most important accessories every woman should have at their disposal.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that belts belong firmly in the domain of men’s fashion. Belts are essential for women and they can be almost as important to an outfit as jewellery. Whether they are used to accentuate the wearer’s hips, waist and even chest or used as a unique, personalized accessory, a belt can subtly change a look from drab to designer.


Jewellery is undoubtedly one of the must-have fashion accessories for women. There’s a reason why jewellery plays such a huge part in the fashion world. The wide range of rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets can be mixed and matched to help accessorize almost any look or outfit. Of course, this doesn’t mean buying precious stones or the most expensive accessories. Costume classics are now more popular than they have ever been, and the bold and unique designs available from any high-street clothes shop can be used to develop an affordable but eye-catching style. You can visit stylebuzzer to get more info about it.


Another accessory with a huge variety of designs is the humble handbag. Most women rely on these trusty companions for carrying all their day-to-day needs and items, but they are just as important in creating the right outfit as they are for practical use. Carrier, tote and shoulder bags are functional and stylish additions to almost any casual or professional outfit, while evening and clutch handbags can be worn for formal, elegant occasions.

Even larger hold all and travel bags can be used to complete an outfit, and backpacks are primed to become the next big fashion accessory, choosing from the many different colours and designs can make picking out the right handbag a daunting decision, but the style potential of this essential accessory should not be overlooked.

Hair Accessories

Whether it’s long, short, curly or straight, different hairstyles can completely change the look of a person, so it’s important to have the right accessories. Clips, flowers, barrettes, combs and other hair accessories can add colour and style to almost any hair type, and it’s easy to match them with the rest of an outfit to make a completely personal style.


Arguably the most important accessory for any outfit is footwear. Many women will bear through gritted teeth and wear the most uncomfortable high-heeled shoes because they know how much of a difference the right pair can make, but choosing footwear as an accessory doesn’t have to be about stilettos and awkward walks. Whether it’s a pair of knee-high boots, heels, flats or flip flops, footwear is one of the most important accessories for creating a personal style and really bringing an outfit together.

Footwear has the ability to transform nearly any type of outfit, so having a wide selection in the wardrobe can really help in times of dreaded fashion emergencies.

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